Enterprise Asset Management

enterprise asset managementComprehensive enterprise asset management for asset lifecycle and maintenance management

Our clients have an ongoing need to manage enterprise assets effectively to ensure profitability and productivity. And these organizations and businesses all have various challenges in common.

NexGen’s Enterprise Asset Management service provides a comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common platform in asset-intensive industries. This service allows organizations to share and enforce best practices, inventory, resources, and personnel. The service helps businesses manage all types of assets—including plant, production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation, and communications.

Whether your assets are applications, equipment, properties, or people, NexGen’s Enterprise Asset Management solution can help you gain greater value across the entire asset lifecycle.

Our Enterprise Asset Management Portfolio:

  • Asset Management: Achieve the control you need to efficiently and effectively track and manage asset and location data throughout the asset lifecycle.
  • Work Management: Manage planned and unplanned work activities—from initial request all the way through to completing and recording actuals.
  • Service Management: Define service offerings, establish service-level agreements (SLAs), proactively monitor service-level delivery, and implement escalation procedures.
  • Contract Management: Gain complete support for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, labor rate, software, master, blanket, and user-defined contracts.
  • Inventory Management: Know the details of asset-related inventory and its usage including what, when, where, how many and how valuable.
  • Procurement Management: Support all the phases of enterprise-wide procurement such as direct purchasing and inventory replenishment.