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About Us

We are a diverse team of engineers, programmers, analysts, and more, all united by a dedication to hard work and client success. 

NexGen was founded on a vision to change customer service and organizational values. Engineers Chris and Nadeem, inspired to enhance transparency and reduce complexity, decided to establish a company that embodies these ideals.
NexGen stands as a flat organization valuing every team member's voice, focused on delivering excellence and building trust with our clients.
"Created by engineers for engineers," we're dedicated to innovation without constraints. Join us in shaping a customer-centric future in technology.


Welcome to the next generation with NexGen!

Our Story

What We Value

At NexGen, our work is guided by our foundational values of integrity, quality, and innovation. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients, embracing a "whatever it takes" approach to meet their needs.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals who not only possess deep expertise but also empathize with our clients' challenges, tailoring solutions to each unique situation.

We foster a culture of continuous learning, open discussion, inclusivity, and collaboration, and we are committed to contributing positively to our communities.






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Community Outreach

NexGen believes in making a positive impact on the communities where we live, and contributing to its growth and sustainability. We take pride in our involvement with the Colorado community directly as well as the community at large. We strive to make a difference through the positive power of volunteerism and community service.

Our specific community outreach has been with the following organizations:

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Reducing Carbon Footprint

Our Commitment to Reducing Our Carbon Footprint Recognizing the impact of our operations on the planet, we actively review our scope 1,2, and 3 carbon emissions. Our goal is to ultimately achieve net zero emissions at some point in the future.  We have implemented a series of measures aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.  

  • Remote Work Policy:  This policy not only supports our employees' well-being but also substantially decreases our collective carbon emissions.

  • Digital Transformation: Our move to digitize paper forms and documents has significantly reduced our paper waste, aligning with our goals to minimize our environmental footprint.

  • Efficient Use of Office Space: Smaller offices equipped with modern LED lighting and motion-sensor technology to conserve energy. This transition supports our objective to reduce energy consumption and waste. 

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Protecting the Planet


"We are committed to protecting: the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and the community in which we conduct our business."

Our Commitment to Reducing Our Ecological Footprint It is our policy to seek continual improvement throughout our business operations to lessen our impact on the local and global environment by conserving energy, water and other natural resources; reducing waste generation; recycling and reducing our use of toxic materials.  

Our Commitment to Environmental Excellence and Pollution Prevention It is our goal to meet or exceed all environmental regulatory requirements, and to purchase products which have greater recycled content with lower toxicity and packaging that reduces the use of natural resources. 

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