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Data & Analytics

NexGen's Data & Analytics services offers cutting-edge solutions to transform your business data into actionable insights, driving growth and efficiency.

NexGen ensures the highest standards in data stewardship, establishing robust policies and procedures for efficient data handling, maintaining quality, security, and compliance with federal regulations and privacy controls.

Data Management & Governance

We offer full lifecycle support for databases, encompassing modeling, creation, patching, access control, systematic backups, disaster recovery, audits, and diligent daily monitoring to ensure optimal performance and security. 

Database Administration

Our BI services offer powerful tools for data analysis and visualization, aiding informed, data-driven decisions. Our expertise spans across industry leading solutions such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Oracle Analytics, and more.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Reporting

Leveraging state-of-the-art statistical models and machine learning algorithms, NexGen provides predictive insights and analytics, essential for strategic planning and policy-making.

Advanced Analytics & Data Science

NexGen delivers solutions that consolidate disparate data sources into a unified, efficient system for improved data accessibility and quality. Our services support better decision-making through robust data architectures that streamline storage, management, and retrieval processes.

Data Integration & Warehousing

We incorporate cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities to augment data analysis and automate complex tasks. Our services harness advanced algorithms and data analytics to empower organizations with predictive insights, automation, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

AI &
Machine Learning 

What We Do

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Expertise with Federal Data

NexGen's deep domain expertise in federal data significantly enhances our Data and Analytics service offerings, as we bring a deep understanding of the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of the federal sector. This expertise enables us to tailor solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also fully compliant and aligned with federal data policies and security standards.

Case Studies

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