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IT Operations 

Our services are designed to provide a stable, secure, and scalable IT environment that supports the strategic objectives of government clients while adhering to the highest standards of compliance and efficiency.

We offer comprehensive management of hardware and software resources, encompassing deployment, scaling, and optimization of hosted services. Our services ensure secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions, tailored to the unique needs of government clients.

Infrastructure Management

We ensure that your organization's applications run smoothly and efficiently, supporting continuous operational excellence and innovation. We support critical functions tailored to maintain the health and performance of your applications, from routine maintenance and troubleshooting to more complex enhancements and integrations.

Application  Maintenance

NexGen provides comprehensive user support and helpdesk services, providing timely assistance and resolution of technical issues to ensure uninterrupted service to users. We provide technical support and assistance for IT-related issues reported by internal and external users. 

Help Desk

Our services ensure the protection of IT systems and data from cyber threats. This includes proactive monitoring and management of systems, implementation of robust cybersecurity measures, regular security audits, risk assessments, and responding to security incidents.

Security Operations

Involves managing and configuring servers, operating systems, and other critical IT infrastructure components to ensure they are optimized for performance and security.

System Administration

We develop and implement robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans to ensure minimal service disruption in the event of unforeseen incidents. This includes regular testing and updating of these plans to align with evolving business needs.

Disaster Recovery 

NexGen manages changes in a controlled and systematic manner, including evaluating, approving, testing, and documenting changes to minimize the impact on services. We prioritize customer-centric change management activities, to ensure users have the support and resources to adapt to changes effectively. 

Change Management

We ensure IT operations are compliant with federal laws, regulations, and standards. This includes managing audits, risk assessments, and implementing policies and procedures to meet compliance requirements.

Compliance & Governance

What We Do

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Expertise in integrated and adaptive IT operations support solutions.

Our team provides tailored IT Operations services, focusing on system efficiency and reliability while balancing technology, risks, and costs to align with your business goals. We ensure optimal IT infrastructure performance through effective service coordination.