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Geospatial Services

Harness geospatial technology to boost decision-making, asset management, and efficiency with our specialized services. Transform spatial data into a competitive edge through tailored, location-based strategies.

Providing expert advice on incorporating geospatial solutions into business or government strategies, including needs assessment, technology roadmaps, and workflow optimization.

Consulting & Strategy

Design and implement infrastructure needed for geospatial technologies, such as spatial data warehouses, web mapping servers, and cloud-based GIS platforms.

Spatial Infrastructure Support

Developing applications and services that use location data to provide services to users, such as navigation, asset tracking, and location-specific services.

Geospatial Application Development

Collecting, storing, updating, and managing geospatial data from various sources like satellite imagery, aerial photography, and field surveys.

Geospatial Data Management

Creating digital and print maps tailored to the specific needs of clients, including thematic, topographic, and navigational maps. This often involves high-detail data visualization and custom cartographic design.

Mapping and Cartography

Providing statistical analysis, modeling, and interpretation of spatial data to uncover relationships, patterns, or trends. This includes services like spatial econometrics, demographic analysis, and environmental impact assessments.

Spatial Data Analysis

What We Do

Graphic of globe.
Graphic of globe.

Expertise in location-based and spatial data analysis solutions.

Our team delivers specialized geospatial services, including GIS and location analytics, tailored to your needs. We focus on cost-effective, risk-managed Geospatial as a Service (GaaS) solutions, aligning cutting-edge technology with your strategic objectives for optimal geospatial data utilization.

NexGen's long standing partnership and collaboration with Esri, particularly through our Esri Silver Partnership and the two Esri Specialty Designations – "Federal Small Business" and "Release Ready" – significantly enhances our capabilities and credibility as a leading implementation partner for geospatial support services across the federal sector.

Image of Esri ArcGIS products.
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