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Enterprise Help Desk Analytics


Our client, the Bureau of Land Management, leverages a Help Desk solution using IBC Remedy, which manages all tickets for users across the Bureau.


Business leaders desired an Enterprise Dashboard and Analytics solution to view Enterprise Help Desk metrics, ticket status, and customer service results. Executives wanted to view an overview of ticket status (completed, submitted) by department and date range. The IBC Remedy project did not like the out of the box reporting capability within the Remedy application, and reporting capabilities were very limited in nature.  The business did not want a live data connection due to major performance concerns for the help desk system.

Solution Overview

NexGen partnered with the client’s Remedy technical team to thoroughly understand their business requirements and data structuring needs. Robust extract, load, and transform (ETL) process were developed using Informatica, which transformed data to fit a specialized reporting data model within the Oracle-based data warehouse, tailored to a range of bespoke needs.

Client Value Proposition:

With our enhancement of the National Reporting System, hosted on the Oracle Analytics Platform, we empowered the client with sophisticated enterprise Help Desk dashboard views. This enterprise reporting solution revolutionized the way the client’s major divisions—executive, IT Operations, and National Applications—interact with their data.

Actionable Insights with Dynamic Filtering:

We introduced dynamic filters within each dashboard, granting the client's users the ability to refine and tailor the information presented to them according to their specific requirements. The system is designed to refresh and present these custom data views instantaneously, allowing for real-time analysis and decision-making.

Business Impact:

The result is a transformative reporting solution that not only provides individualized insights for diverse company roles but also enhances operational efficiency, promotes strategic business decisions, and boosts overall productivity. This system becomes an indispensable tool in the client’s repertoire, fostering a data-driven culture that is agile, informed, and forward-looking.

Long-Term Benefits:

In the long term, the enterprise reporting solution ensures that the client remains adaptable to changing business landscapes, with data that is as dynamic as the markets in which they operate. The client can confidently navigate through vast amounts of information, gaining clarity and actionable intelligence that supports sustained growth and service excellence.


About NexGen:

NexGen Technologies (NexGen) provides the people, processes, and solutions that help make innovative IT transformation possible across your systems and applications.

 We specialize in delivering top-tier IT support services, specifically tailored for the unique needs of the federal government. Our dedicated team combines cutting-edge technology with deep industry expertise to ensure your projects meet the highest standards of quality and security.

For more information, please contact NexGen at or (720) 377-1800.



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