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Geolocation Services for Federal Permitting Process


Our client, the Bureau of Land Management, hosts an application called Recreation and Permit Tracking Online Reporting (RAPTOR) system, which is a permitting application for BLM lands that manages Paleo, General Science, and Recreation public application requests.  


The client needed to allow a public user to spatially identify the BLM administrative office that the application should be tied to during the submission process.   


NexGen developed an ESRI hosted map application that is presented to public and tied to the existing non-GIS application. External Users, submitting an application for a BLM permit, will utilize map functionality to select the event or activity location. An external user may use the map widget integrated with Angular to zoom to a certain location. An external user may also pin drop on the map which will return the BLM office for submission of the application to that office. External Users can also directly select the BLM office from a provided list of BLM offices displayed next to the map. Internal Users may utilize simple map tools such as drawing a line or polygon for further clarification of the event or activity's location(s). The team has configured has External and Internal user roles for map access.


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