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Centralized Space Leasing System: A Power Platform Integration Success Story


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administers an extensive array of leased spaces, including offices, warehouses, and other facilities, requiring a streamlined process for lease management encompassing various contract types such as GSA leases, Homeland Security services, Interagency Agreements, and Commercial Leases.


The Space Leasing System was developed using the Microsoft Power Platform, incorporating Software as a Service (SaaS) apps like Power Apps, Power Automate, and Dataverse. This solution centralized lease management processes, enabling BLM to track contract actions and administration tasks systematically, while automating and streamlining approval processes for GSA Leases. Leveraging and customizing existing Microsoft capabilities, we tailored the Approvals application to cater to the specific needs of individual users and groups. The integration has enabled users to experience a seamless approval process, with the ability to configure notifications for various approval processes and receive alerts through Microsoft Teams and email. By providing a convenient and efficient way to obtain necessary approvals, the app has streamlined the entire lease-related actions approval process, reduced manual checking, and improved overall efficiency. One of the key features of the Approvals integration is its robust filtering and sorting capabilities. This allows users to easily prioritize and manage various approval requests, ensuring that critical lease actions are promptly addressed while maintaining a clear overview of pending tasks.

Leveraging existing Microsoft components and functionality, we rapidly developed the new application in Power Apps, utilizing visual development tools and pre-built connectors to streamline workflows, user interfaces, and data integration. This approach significantly reduced development time and effort while still providing the flexibility to integrate new business requirements and capabilities. The platform's security and governance features ensured proper access controls, safeguarding sensitive lease data, and complying with regulatory requirements. Moreover, the Power Platform's low-code environment expedited the development process and maintained strict security and governance standards.


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