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Powering Forestry Reseeding Efforts


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At the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) International Rangeland Drill Repair Center in the Vale District, there was a critical need for managing specialized forestry reseeding equipment inventory, particularly seed drills. The center's capacity to refurbish up to three seed drills simultaneously demanded an effective system to oversee equipment lifecycle management.


The BLM's Vale District previously relied on inefficient methods to monitor seed drill inventory, hindering their ability to track maintenance and repair activities accurately. The absence of real-time data impeded the efficient utilization of garage space and the timely refurbishment of equipment essential for reseeding projects. The legacy application faced security compliance issues, and the BLM required a rapid modernization of the app to a zero-trust compliant technology platform.


NexGen Technologies rapidly modernized the BLM Drill Shop System, a robust inventory

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management solution, to the low-code, cloud-based, and FedRAMP certified Microsoft Power Platform. Power Apps enables an accessible user interface for staff to interact with inventory data seamlessly. Power Automate enhances operational efficiency with automated data workflows, while Dataverse provides a secure data storage solution. The innovative integration with Microsoft Teams places this powerful inventory management tool directly in the daily workspace of the repair center's staff, promoting efficient management of inventory and ensuring the repair center operates at peak performance. With this system in place, BLM's Vale District has significantly improved its ability to manage and maintain forestry reseeding equipment.


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