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GIS Application with Data Versioning Capability


Our client, the Bureau of Land Management, hosts an application called the Vegetation Management Action Portal (VMAP) which manages the collection, storage, editing, analyzing, and reporting all weed and invasive species treatment data. 


The BLM needed specialized GIS development support for the new VMAP application being implemented as a new system.  The users needed to view the geospatial data, and support version editing within the GIS application. 


NexGen developed a custom GIS application leveraging ESRI solutions that allows a user to select the version and load map data via the Web Map API. This project represents the first introduction within BLM of version-based editing on web map applications using native ArcGIS customizations. Users can now look for edit versions that they have the authority to review from all versions that have been sync'd/submitted from mobile devices, available as a tool called “Manage Field Data." The GIS application supports editing of multiple layers within the map view, and only makes query requests of operational layers when a selected feature or record is being edited. Finally, users can select a feature or layer and view rows of attributes for each of the operational layers and tables. 


About NexGen:

NexGen Technologies (NexGen) provides the people, processes, and solutions that help make innovative IT transformation possible across your systems and applications.

 We specialize in delivering top-tier IT support services, specifically tailored for the unique needs of the federal government. Our dedicated team combines cutting-edge technology with deep industry expertise to ensure your projects meet the highest standards of quality and security.

For more information, please contact NexGen at or (720) 377-1800.



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