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IBM Maximo Spatial Integration


Our client, the Bureau of Land Management, supports an Enterprise Asset Management application called the Facility Asset Management System (FAMS), leveraging IBM Maximo.  This system manages 50,000+ Location records, 100,000+ Asset records, 150,000+ Work Order records, and 3,000,000+ Location and Asset specifications.


The FAMS business team desired the ability to view assets spatially within a map viewer and report on both tabular and spatial data. This would promote streamlined decision-making, increase data accuracy, and promote transparency throughout the organization.


In the realm of asset management, the integration of geographical information systems (GIS) with asset management platforms can transform the capabilities and insights of an organization. Recognizing this potential, NexGen Technologies skillfully deployed the Maximo Spatial module to merge GIS asset data from the Esri platform, elevating the asset management experience for federal users.

NexGen integrated an ArcGIS Webmap application specifically tailored for asset management users, allowing users to view and interact with their assets within a geospatial framework. By situating assets in relation to roads, buildings, trails, and other geographical features, the application provides a dynamic visual context that enhances understanding and decision-making far beyond what static data can offer.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Decision Making: The integration combines the robust ArcGIS Server from ESRI with IBM’s Maximo asset management solution. This melding utilizes standards-based, service-oriented architecture common to both systems, bringing the power of desktop GIS directly into the hands of enterprise asset management users. NexGen’s implementation ensures a seamless user experience that includes map-based user interfaces, which allow for dynamic access to GIS data and interoperability with other GIS systems and datasets.

NexGen's deployment of the Maximo Spatial module to integrate Esri's GIS data represents a significant leap forward in asset management technology. By facilitating a deeper connection between GIS data and asset management processes, NexGen has enabled a more integrated, insightful, and user-friendly system that stands as a benchmark in the industry. This project exemplifies how innovative integrations can result in substantial operational improvements and strategic advantages in asset management.


About NexGen:

NexGen Technologies (NexGen) provides the people, processes, and solutions that help make innovative IT transformation possible across your systems and applications.

 We specialize in delivering top-tier IT support services, specifically tailored for the unique needs of the federal government. Our dedicated team combines cutting-edge technology with deep industry expertise to ensure your projects meet the highest standards of quality and security.

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