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GIS Integration into NEPA Resource Management Planning System


Our client, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), hosts an application called “ePlanning” that manages all NEPA and Resource Management Plan (RMP) projects for the agency. This application has a public-facing component that supports hosting project-specific information, documents, and maps for all NEPA/RMP projects at BLM. 


The BLM completes thousands of NEPA projects and documents each year and needed to have a geospatial representation of where each project is located within the United States that could be publicly searchable within the existing application. 


NexGen developed a custom Esri-based GIS application, which is accessible by internal and external users within the ePlanning Java-based system and public facing BLM National NEPA Register. To maintain the proper linkage to the associated NEPA/RMP project, the Esri JavaScript API is used to make RESTful calls to ensure attributes stored on the map service are dynamically updated as internal users make changes within the system. NexGen built a national dataset and feature service for all planning projects' geospatial data, and internal BLM users can draw a point, line, or polygon to represent the project location from an Esri-based internal map viewer. We build an automated GIS publishing workflow to support publication within the custom ePlanning application. The project locations will be displayed for public users on a searchable project map which syncs with a non-spatial list of results so users can visually locate projects of interest.  


About NexGen:

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