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Custom App Workflow for Rangeland Management


Our client, the Bureau of Land Management, hosts an application called the Rangeland Administration System (RAS), which provides grazing administrative support and management reports for the BLM and the public. The NexGen-managed system serves as an electronic calendar for issuance of approximately 18,000 applications and 2,400 grazing authorizations (Permits, Leases, and Exchange-of-Use Agreements) per year.


The client needed to allow internal users the ability to spatially view these grazing allotments within the non-GIS GOTS application and support the approval or rejection workflow of reviewing this GIS data.


NexGen worked directly with the client to define the data standards and build a GIS database schema that supports data entry from the non-GIS application.  We built a custom GIS application using ESRI Web App Builder and ArcGIS Workflow Manager that allows users to see Approved and Rejected “Allotment” polygons for the BLM Lands, and lets authorized users to approve, reject and or reset “Allotment” polygons through a business workflow. This application supports updates to both the geospatial and tabular data for allotments and pastures to ensure data is current and accurate. We also built a custom reporting interface that lists which geospatial allotment data is out of sync or missing with the RAS tabular (non-geospatial) data so that make sure the data gets fixed to ensure data integrity.


About NexGen:

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